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Saturday, April 28, 2012

US weekly, I LOVE YOU!

 Once again, Harry Styles, you've got my attention. In a bad way =O 
This is NOT appropriate for girlies who love One Direction!

 And, did you hear they announced on the radio, Beyonce is the prettiest 
woman in the world? Who decides this??? 
Did they really look at all the women in the world?

 I'm hearing in Brian and Tom's voices... HEE HEE HEE aren't we so SPE-CIAL?

 Didn't they shoot JR?

 LOVE LOVE LOVE... remember? He's Blackie from General Hospital! LOVE LOVE LOVE

 Pardon me, I just puked! I'd add a link to "Higher Ground," but the only one 
I like singing this is Jake McCrea. Wish he was on youtube!

 WHAT? I'm only on the 4th season!And that was the 2nd president. Dang SPOILER!

 Really? Cause I wouldn't buy this, and I wouldn't pay ten bucks! 
Okay, maybe ten bucks, but I'd use it for collecting rocks with Jos.

I'd like to see this on Christine =)


  1. I enjoyed this. :) I would wear that but only with that rainbow wig I see in your old pics of Uncle Brian at Halloween

  2. That would look great on Christine! I have a tutu she could wear with it.

  3. Funny mom and Christine!!! And you would look awesome in that dress!!! Freal! Lew you are da bomb! I was so entertained reading that

    1. annonymous quit being a chicken and join this site! Laci!