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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Girls Jammy Shirts from Boys T-shirts

 This post was originally from December 2010. Somehow it was posted on a paintings blog. I think I meant to post this on an old blog that I’ve apparently lost somehow, that displayed things I’d sewn. I do have some OCD issues so I needed to put this somewhere and to leave the painting blog as it should be, which is actually just there as a note to cyberspace that I once painted some flowers, a castle and 1/3 of my daughter on a prettyday at the beach. With that said…

My granddaughter Joscelyn hates it when her mommy wears "boy" t-shirts to bed with her jammy pants. I am giving Joscelyn jammy pants for Christmas, along with everyone else. This is the first year she's not getting a full set of pajamas. So I thought of giving her some boy's t-shirts. So I bought a few pink and blue trims and buttons. I ended up with 4 cute girlie t-shirts!