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Thursday, April 5, 2012

American Idol... I loved you.

What has happened to American Idol? I’ve watched it faithfully since season one and have been a huge fan. Where is Simon Cowell when you need him to tell the truth? (Oh yeah, on that other singing show that I don’t love.) Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson seemed okay… sort of, last season. This year? They LOVE EVERYONE!!! It’s as if they are hearing impaired, drunk, or have no clue what singing is. I have tried watching each week, hoping there would be some improvement, only to be bored and disappointed. The fake, jittery vibrato, out-of-tune notes, screechy/course/screaming and voices trying to be bluesy/jazzy/gospel/rock??? with out-of-control runs and vocal acrobatics seem to be popular now. Ugh! I may never listen to music again!

What happened to the talented singers? Here are my favorites from the past:

The REAL REASON I liked Daughtry - because his singing and looks resemble Ed Kowalczyk of Live, my favorite singer and band. I laughed that the judges didn’t know their music when they said Chris was “stunning with his dark originality,” not knowing that the real originality for this version lies with the rock band Live. 

Okay, there is ONE, Jessica Sanchez who can sing. So IF I voted each week it would be for her.
Hear Jessica Sanchez singing Sweet Dreams

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