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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ten Truths about Pinterest – Edition Two

1. Every girls plans a wedding!
2. New Direction dolls are the new New Kids On The Block dolls.

3. Braids are in! 

4. Gift tags can be cooler than the gift itself.

5. People are OBSESSED with making do-it-yourself anything!
(laundry detergent)


6.  Cakes! If only they were really possible to make.



                    7. Hunger Games is the new Twilight!

8. Do people really spend this much time on watermellon?


 9. Turns out CRAYONS 
   are for crafters! 

10.Ruffles are WAY too popular.  



  1. Awesome...again. I like the watermelon one the best. ;)

  2. I love what you are doing with this. That cake is truly a piece of art, my word, it must have taken 40 hours? Keep it up, I like it!