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Thursday, April 26, 2012

50 Dates for Old People

 50 Dates for Old People
1.Search for a cool house in real estate online and go see it. Never too old to dream =)
2.Ride bikes… very very slowly. Remember to bring water bottles. Look into “tricycles” or “training wheels” if needed.
 3.Lock the bedroom door (or tie the handles of your make-shift doors with one of his ties.) Have finger foods while watching an episode of 24. (Ideas: sushi, yogurt covered pretzels, fresh fruit, veggies/crackers with spinach dip, buffalo wings, cheesecake bites)
4.Get outa that bed/chair and go, GO feed the ducks!
5.Watch all episodes of Kid History on youtube. Enjoy laughing EXTRA hard at his laughing – always funnier than what you’re watching!
6.Give your guy a facial and pedicure. Let him give you a pedicure… but watch out, cause he’s a “picker.” (He loves picking at dead skin.)
7.Look through old photo books and see how much your grandkids resemble their parents… and you too =)
8.Pull out the old budget notebook and see how low your utilities/gas/groceries were once upon a time. Warning: Look up shock symptoms and treatments first.
9.Make a sack lunch picnic and hit the mountains for some 4-wheeling.
10.Read a book together. Even better, get out that old book of love poems he bought and memorized THREE, for that long-ago romantic horse ride in the country =)
11.Go on a drive and get frozen yogurt.
12.Play “Go Fish,” or “Phase Ten.” When he refuses give in and watch more 24.
13.Take a walk in the park, or short hike in the mountains. 
14.Visit a new shopping center, museum or site-see in a city nearby. Or stay in your chairs/bed and take a virtual tour.
15.Take time to learn/play a game on the X-box. (Shooting games only. Yeah, that’s the only kind he’ll play.) He’ll feel GREAT cause he’s so much better than you! You can always try to get him to play Guitar Hero so you can beat him back! Well, if you have my husband, forget about it, cause he played once and that was enough!
16.Pull weeds or plant flowers and eat Popsicles.
17.Winter option: Make a snowman or have a snowball fight. (Or think about how much fun that would be, while he shovels the snow.) Then drink hot cocoa/lemon zinger tea.
18.Find a piano and sing old songs you used to sing. (Get him to remember that you really used to do that!)
19.Shop while riding in wheelchairs. Try not to laugh too hard when the wheelchairs crash into other customers, or when they “beep beep beep” when you have to back up.
20.Buy a new coloring book and crayons. Color pages to send to the grandkids.
21.Go to a 2nd hand store or costume shop and try on funny clothes. Take pictures. If he won’t go for this, take pictures of him sleeping and/or record him snoring on your cell.
22.Make funny cards with the funny pictures (or texts). Send to someone you miss.
23.Watch a movie you saw together when you were first dating. Laugh at how cheesy it is now! (And still think how cute he is when he cries over the same part.)
24.Plan a fantasy road trip vacation together. List each place and the things you’ll see and do, including temples and what relative you’ll visit.
25.Create fake tattoos on each other, using washable markers.
26.Make a list with each year you’ve been married, and try to remember something great/important that happened that year.
27.Walker (or wheelchair) race to the mailbox. Winner gets to dump all the junk mail in the recycle bin!
28.Corn bag fun: Use that corn bag or rice bag to RUB RUB RUB out each others achy pains. Freeze or microwave according to your own needs. Makes for a fun tossing game too.
29.More 4-wheel fun. Find a pretty meadow. Create your own “Edward & Bella” scene. (We really did this once, but since he’s so inflexible, he sat in a camping chair. And we forgot the camera!)
30.Now lets get serious! I want a massage, and his hands are like TWO HOT PAWS at all times. This does not feel great with hot flashes! Two possible solutions. One, find smooth, palm size rocks and wash well OR create beanbags not made with fabric (need something that can’t absorb oils). Beans would feel SO GOOD, along with massage lotion, emu oil or essential oils for massage. I’m sure he’d enjoy the same thing, even though we KNOW that women’s hands are prefect for massages.
31.His turn night: Let him pick a show. Try not to squirm, groan or roll your eyes while watching the history channel.
32.Your turn night: Watch Grey’s Anatomy, and don’t feel guilty AT ALL that he hates it with a passion!
 33.Compromise: Give him the laptop, earplugs and let him watch shooting shows on the internet Military channel. Go ahead and watch Private Practice and you’ll both enjoy yourselves!
34.Hit the mountains for a relaxing campfire. Just enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the mountain beauty! (Try to figure out WHERE those never-ending alpine horns sounds are coming from.)
35.Watch his favorite movie that never gets old! Enjoy laughing at his laughing =) (Note to self: Buy a used DVD copy of “Christmas Vacation” on Amazon since the VCRs all bit the dust.)
36.Plant flowers in a cute pot and watch him mow the lawn. Think how handsome and strong he still is!
37.Plan a Jeep trip to Moab, you can dream! Watch Jeepin’adventures on you tube.
38.Play “Let’s Clean” and see if he’ll fall for it like the grandkids do. But instead of “Let’s Clean,” call it “I Dare You!” Put job strips folded up in a bowl or jar and take turns.
39.Go with your husband to fill up with gas. Watch him drive all over town, looking for the lowest price. Smile like you’re pleased when he chooses the cheapest one, and don’t complain that he’s wasted so much gas looking. Splurge and buy drinks inside. Sweeten it up, by coaxing him to pay for a wash, since those big trees all over the yard lead to lots of bird poop always covering your Jeep =)
40.Cook breakfast together for dinner. He’s the best pancake maker! (Yes he is, since that disastrous first breakfast home after the honeymoon when you made pancakes and burned them all!)
 41.Take a walk through your neighborhood. Have fun joking of the funny yard decorations, the ugly motor homes parked in the yards, the chickens and rooster living in backyards and point out the beautiful flower gardens, nice additions to outside exterior and notice things you could do to improve your own neglected home!
42.Theme night: Suggestions, “We’re old and like wearing mumus and flannel jammy shorts,” “We’re achy and we know it!” “Napping is the BEST,” “Pillow night (how many pillows will it take to be comfortable,” or “It’s Grandparents Time (enjoy the silence of NOT having grandkids in the house!”
43.McDonalds and a movie (YES McDonalds FINALLY has something to eat gluten free – delicious discovery – Southwest Salad made with grilled chicken YUM!) For extra enjoyment (or pain) walk to McDonalds to rent the movie and pick up the food.
44.IKEA date: Don’t forget to use a wheelchair to trade off. Enjoy resting in displayed rooms, the couch and bed sections, and let him buy something fun to give to the grandkids.
45.Rent Redbox movie and make popcorn. Remember when he was young and funny, and would stick his tongue in the free dollar movie popcorn along with your silly brother and how they’d make you embarrassed by shaking their faces so the popcorn went everywhere.
46.Murder Mystery Night: Watch Castle, Law & Order or any other murder drama and try to figure out “who done it” before the end.
47.Make Friendship Bracelets: Follow directions found at
48.Walk your dog together. Try to keep up, since it’s really hard for you to run after naughty Sampson!
49.Go dancing. Yeah, right! Watch others kill themselves on Dancing With The Stars.
50.Splurge and go for a carriage ride! After all, you did this a few times when you were young and in love! If you’d like to relive the fun memories, make silly faces on paper grocery sacks, cut eye holes, and wear them over your head. Enjoy the strange looks and comments while you pass by others.
If you have a suggestion, or great idea for "OLD PEOPLE DATES," please add a comment, and I'd love to add them =)

51. (idea from Mary) Eat a big bowl of ice cream, then have a nap on the couch.

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  1. We made date night in a jar thingies for our craft this week. Wish I had had this list before cause it makes me happy. I'll have to add some in there.