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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ten Truths about Pinterest – Edition One

1. Pinterest makes you SO hungry!
 2. Pinterest makes you feel smart and enlightened, but in reality gets you to spend  money!
Yes, I bought both 
these scarves... from Turkey!

                     3.People are obsessed with owls.

    4. Girls are CRAZIER than ever with the boy band 
    One Direction, especially with Harry Styles, who is super ugly and has really bad hair.  
                           Funny cause he really does have hairy styles!                       

5. Memes are 
contagious and 
pretty darn 

6. Bucket lists. 

    7. The majority of people pin exercise 
motivational pins. I highly doubt most use them.
                          8. Steampunk. What is it???

 9. Stairs obsession: 

 Will you be 
adding this to 
your house?

    10. Eye makeup and nails are popular.  
I doubt most people’s eyes turn out like the models, since the models have big eyelids, deep creases and very high eyebrow arches. Nails... why don't they                                             ever show toenails?


  1. So funny! Loved it cause it's true. And seriously, where are the toenails?

  2. Number one makes me hungry! And oh yes, all of it is true!