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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wedding Garters and Mom-To-The-Bride Frustrations

When my daughter asked if I'd make her two garters for her upcoming wedding, like the pretty ones I used to make for my nieces (that was the 90s), I told her sure! After all, she's mine, she's beautiful and deserving! One garter to keep and one garter for the groom to "flip."

Back in the 90s when I'd take on the task of creating a niece's garter there was quite a lot involved. I'd shop at several fabric stores (there used to be so many) to find the right colors of both thick and very skinny satin ribbon in my nieces wedding colors. I also bought pretty lace that usually had the holes on one edge to show the ribbon through it. I also found tiny strands of pearls that came on rolls in matching colors. I added a chunky heart to the center of the garter the bride would keep in either silver or gold, depending on their tastes. Lots of work, but the end result was pretty.

Times and fabric stores have changed a bit. I searched around and found it hard finding satin ribbon in  my daughter's colors, moss or olive green and raspberry, almost impossible it seemed, especially trying to find the thin ribbon. I found some pretty lace and looked and looked for a heart. I don't think they make the same kind now, but I did find a pretty heart with a celtic knot, which has meaning for my daugher (we have celtic ancestors). The tiny pearl on rolls had a small selection, so I didn't get that.

One day I thought I'd procrasted making them for long enough, so I got out my sewing machine and made myself create... I did have a thick moss colored satin ribbon, but the only thing that sort of matched was maroon, which isn't really the right color. The result just made me sad!
 A couple of weeks later I was browsing wedding things in her colors and came across some really cute garters. This made me extra hate the ones I'd made! 
  These garters are some I found on etsy.

This morning out of frustration and wanting to flip the garters I'd made into the Grand Canyon, the landfill or at least someplace they'd never be seen by me again, I got out my sewing machine, bag full of ribon, and used two roses that are the same that are in the groom and miniature-best man's boutineers. I just had a bit of lace left, so used it for the "keeper," and sewed together the sheer ribbon I'd bought for mom's coursages. The result was two simple but pretty garters.

I'm so happy with the simple, but much prettier results. Maybe the first garter set is worth it, just so I can show the good and bad to make a point!


  1. I like both of them, actually. But the simple one is soooo pretty. I'm glad you figured something out, and it is cute the roses match the boutineers.

  2. I like them all! they are both so pretty but my favorite has to be the simple one as well.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  3. I like them both, too! Happy flipping!!

  4. Larraine, I was teasing when I said the first set were ugly. I love them. And yes the second set is very pretty. I like the first better, but put a flower on them. Just my opinion.

    1. I like the heart with the celtic knot on the first one, the way I used to make them. The roses on the second are my favorite, since they match the groom and best man boutineers.