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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Plane Crashes! Crazy Season Finales... Too Much?

What’s up with the latest TV plane crashes? Two favorite finales ended with devastating scenes of mangled planes and death! Spoiler alert, if you plan to watch either of these don’t read! Are these shows inspired by Lost, which was from the same Network, ABC? Both Grey’s Anatomy and Revenge delivered thrilling, suspenseful finales. But how much can we take?

Grey’s Anatomy’s Meridith Grey awakes from the plane crash to find devastation, and wonders WHERE Derek is!!! 

Drama from Arizona coughing up blood is mostly ignored, while Cristina STABS the pilot in the leg to prove paralisis. 


 Surgeons are of course required to perform dirty, dangerous procedures to save Derek’s hand and Mark’s heart that is pooling with blood. 

When Merideth finds out her sister Lexie, or “Little Grey” has died, she bawls like a bratty child throwing a tantrum  – perhaps a bit overacted. Okay, but the sad end of Lexie, too much? I say YES! Lexie is pinned under the plane and dies quickly, but not until her heart’s desire, Mark tells her they’ll get married and have children. REALLY? NOW? Bad bad bad choice! 
Why not kill of whiney April, even though her affair with best friend and hottie, Jackson was quite cute. Or Teddy, who’s drama over dead husband Noel, I mean HENRY, has gone way too far. Her ongoing detest for once-lover Owen is overkill! Yes, she’s beautiful, but her drama is too much! (It doesn’t help that I’m also watching her be overdramatic in the 4th season of 24.)


And can I just say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cristina?!!!

Revenge’s twists and turns keep us wanting MORE MORE MORE! But how can we go on, if Victoria, the best villainess ever is actually dead, along with her friend and foe, Lydia, after the “white haired man” sends their plane to sure destruction! And her beautiful daughter and Emily’s secret-half sister, Charlotte dead from an overdose? 

Emily finds herself sharing the tragic and tearful last moments of the life of her childhood pet, now Jack’s loyal dog, which leads to their much longed for make-out session! Emily is finally freed from Daniel, who has become a real “Grayson,” taking on the secrets of his father and rejecting his mother, when Emily breaks off their engagement for good. She’s ready to profess her love to Jack, and reveal she’s the REAL Amanda, when the FAKE Amanda shows up, presumably pregnant with Jack’s child. SAD!

But Nolan comes to the rescue, when Emily thinks all the evidence against Grayson Global’s part in the cover up and killing of her father has been destroyed in the plane wreck. He has backed it all up to his own system, with a shocker. Emily’s MOM could still be alive! 


Okay, too many pretty and dramatic characters killed off this show! Someone HAS to survive – hopefully Victoria Grayson, please??? Does this FACE not say YOU STILL NEED ME on this show? Perhaps Emily will end up with Nolan, which would be great, since he’s been her loyal friend and fellow-conspirator all along. Nolan is quirky, somewhat nerdy, extremely smart, not to mention successful and rich! Okay, I just think he’s super cute!

These are not the only plane crash endings on finales this season. My husband and I have counted four that we've seen, but I'm particularly obsessed with these two, if it wasn't obvious.
Bring on the off-season reality love-in-the-wild, dancing/singing/juggling and the other ridiculous things that entertain Sharon, Howie and Howard. Thank goodness for Rookie Blue… I’d almost forgotten about you! 

Please let me know what YOU plan to watch this summer!

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