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Saturday, June 7, 2014

The UGLIEST skirt ever - Transformed

I woke up this morning and thought, “Ugh, tomorrow is Sunday. If I make it to church that means… I have to wear something. My least favorite thing about church. I haven’t had church clothes that I like since… well, I don’t remember. Plus, my my very tall but skeletal body is such a pain to dress. I’ve never had a bum. Or thighs. I’ve always shopped in the guy’s section for pants and for shirts with long enough sleeves. That doesn’t help my church clothes situation.
  A mirror "selfie" to show the ugly skirt.
The ugly shirt, lying down, to show the hideous construction and ugly flowers around hem.

A couple of years ago I was desperate for something to wear on Sunday, so I found a couple of skirts for a good price at Penney’s and bought two cute blouses to go with them. Both blouses are nice enough that I wore the skirts, in spite of them making me look more skeletal. Every time I’d use the ladies room I’d face that horror of a full length mirror while washing my hands, then walking out. Ugh - no bum or thighs and I looked ridiculous in skirts that really are meant for women who have both!

So after my waking thought about Sunday and clothes, I went to my closet, got out the skirts and immediately began dissecting them with my eyes. I will now just focus on my black skirt - the ugliest one! I have always hated the full skirt shape and detested the fabric flowers that went around the hem. Just SO SUPER UGLY! There is no fashion involved in this skirt. After a few minutes of trying the skirt on, inside out, playing with pins and chalk, and thinking what I love right now that’s in style, I knew what I wanted to do!

After a few minutes with my scissors and sewing maching - the ugly skirt has been transformed - it’s now fitting on my very slim, no curves body, and doesn’t have that ugly, no style full hem! I even kept some fabric flowers since they look great on this new look!

Another mirror "selfie"
showing the 
reconstructed skirt. 
Plus the skirt lying flat
with the top.

The back hem - showing the
slit made for walking

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