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Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Turkey Neck" Aging Skin Remedy

Aging neck? Too much sun exposure? “Turkey skin” or "neck waddle" is a problem for many. But here’s a simple remedy. This uses Vitamin E cream, which has valuable antioxidant properties that shield the skin cells from cell and tissue damage. Emu oil pushes active ingredients deep into the dermis. The key ingredient here is lemongrass oil, which tightens the skin. Lemongrass alone is too powerful and should never be applied to the skin alone. These three ingredients together make a nice neck tightening serum. Apply to the décolletage area every morning and night. 

 Mix together:
2 tablespoons Vitamin E cream
2 tablespoons Emu Oil
1 teaspoon lemongrass essential oil

Since oils may separate, each time it is applied you should shake well first.


Now, if you’ve got extreme giraffe-neck elongatus like me, 
I’m afraid I don’t have the solution!

 I hope this helps those two kooks who think they need 
help with their beautiful necks!


  1. I like how you used the word, " décolletage" So smart!

  2. That is very interesting. You have a very beautiful long neck!

  3. Hello. Ms. Turkey Neck here. I need this, for sure! Where do you buy your oils and creams?

    1. Hello Ms. Turkey Neck. Ha! I am bringing you some today =) I get my doTERRA lemongrass oil from Nicole to get it cheaper, and google "emu oil free shipping" when I need more. I get the vitamin E cream the same way, and it's usually on an order together. The ones I have used include Vitacost and Puritan's Pride.