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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just in time! My alligator skin is thankful - Sugary Citrus Scrub

Hurray for new but melted coconut oil! I’ve been really in need of more sugar scrub (the six containers that my cute niece Nicole made with me were very nice – made with sugar, olive oil, and each one scented with a different essential oil, but are used up). I use about 2 - 54 oz containers of extra virgin coconut oil each month, for dietary reasons, well health plus wonderful skin moisturizers and just about any skin-related problem. When my package came today it was completely melted, due to the extreme temperatures across the country this week. Oh good – I’ve been wishing for a bit of melted coconut oil to make a quick concoction of sugar scrub! Yes, I could have melted it, but with my daughter’s wedding  just three days away, I’ve been thinking how wonderful it would be to just FIND melted coconut oil. So yeah!
 No nice background tonight! Will have to do with wedding flowers!
I had a 4 oz jar, so poured sugar into it (I’m typically not an exact measurement kind of gal) to fill it most the way up, then dumped the sugar in a small mixing bowl. I poured in some melted coconut oil then added three citrusy essential oils: lemon, lime and tangerine. I probably doubled the citrusy oils (perhaps 6 – 9 drops of each), since I like the smell a bit stronger. The citrusy scent of this is so invigorating!

I immediately used the leftovers in the bowl to exfoliate my face. Then tonight I had a shower, shaved then scrubbed away my dry alligator skin that I’ve neglected so far this dry, hot Utah summer! What I love about making it with coconut oil is I don’t wash the scrub off with soap afterwards (just water). So my skin gets moisture from the coconut oil, and I don’t have to add the many lotions, creams and moisturizers that I typically do. The smell in the shower was just wonderful;  citrus and coconut sweetness!
 My very favorite coconut oil is from, and comes in a very large jar – it’s almost gallon size! It’s a great deal, since other brands charge more, and even with paying for the cost of shipping, I still get this oil for the best price!

So nice to get this out of the way, since I’ve got a busy week ahead with decorating cupcakes, making the wedding cake and so many other things to be ready for the wedding! My skin is soft, moisturized and feels GREAT!

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